Hi Lovelies! I know it’s been awhile since my last update and please don’t screw me because I’m truly madly guilty about it. But just because I’m out for quite some time doesn’t mean I’ve totally abandoned my blog already. A big NOPE – because going back here, writing about my recent purchases and sharing my OOTDs with you have always been on my mind. Unfortunately, these thoughts have remained locked up at the back of my head for the past couple of months. Blame everything to my lazy self! LOL. I’ve got a lazy ass and a dreamy head that all I did was oversleep and daydream for almost half year already. I actually felt like I was Sleeping Beauty just waiting for his prince (in my case, a princess LOL) to sprinkle cold water in her face to wake her up. Haha! Well, kidding aside and to tell you the truth, I am indeed a sleeping beauty in the making waiting for my dear love to come – in the next couple of weeks! See? If I weren’t sleeping too much, the days would definitely go so slow and I’d be waiting in vain every effin day.. It sounds so lazy and yes, crazy, I know. But I don’t see it as something negative because as a matter of fact, I feel like my life has just started and the door of happiness was just right in front of me waiting to be opened. I gave up working on a full time job and decided to focus on dividing my skinny self to work for several clients on a freelance basis. FREElance which means I can sleep and work whenever I want to and this also means, more quality time with my love! I can even travel anytime I want but of course, with permission from the beloved ‘boss’ Daria, my soon to be life partner. I never used to ask permission but she could be so strict sometimes that I would rather have my pride for lunch and supper, raise my hands, bow down and just do what she wants. Yes, I could be a good, obedient girlfriend like that. But just once in a blue moon and when I’m in good mood (happens mostly after shopping). LOL.

I’m not going to ask if you’re bored or perhaps yawning already about my ‘love’ story today because I know majority of the people love to talk about love and the mushy things in between. Who wouldn’t? I think only those who are so bitter in life or haven’t felt true love yet are the ones who hate this topic. I used to be, yes. But that’s because I didn’t really know that love exists or its real meaning Seriously. I thought that if someone loves me enough and if that person is willing to do everything for me, that’s true love already. I didn’t know it should be a mutual, two-way feeling. And now, after being able to fully understand and feel what real love is, I must admit that it’s like a drug, leaving you wanting it more and more. I’m totally hooked but I’ve no plan going for a rehab. :)

And because I’m talking about too much LOVE today, here’s a LOVE inspired OOTD for you, lovelies! Items are from recent purchases.

Outfit details: 

Forever 21 sunnies
Cotton On top
Linea Italia jumpers
Pull & Bear sneakers
Human bag
Casio watch
H&M Love bracelet
Forever 21 vintage ring
Mom's silver ring
H&M heart earrings

This post was originally written and published on my other blog but my hosting was so slow making my website not user-friendly at the moment. Who would want to waste time waiting for very slow website anyway? Hopefully, it will get fixed tomorrow as my friend and I started migrating it to a new server already. And this post can't wait so I'm sharing it here!